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Kick The Bucket List-The World According to AARP




Kick The Bucket List-The World According to AARP.


It’s a stand-up comedy show that’s geared toward the Baby Boomer Generation, Senior Citizens and Casino players. It’s a hilarious look at growing older with a sense of humor. “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry,…you may even have to wear Depends!” It’s a stand-up comedy show with a theatrical framework.  Besides just some fantastically funny comedians, there is also music, jokes, videos and power point, nostalgia, trips down memory lane, tribute to the military, songs and more laughter than you can shake a stick at.  It would fit perfectly into the Branson MO mentality.


Perfect for the Baby Boomer generation, but can be appreciated by all. Good clean fun. No profanity in the show, but still adult and sassy too. If it were a movie rating–PG13.


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